in a nutshell.

basic eats and erratic writes. hooked on kitchen experiments live from Seattle Boston!

what to expect.

my best (and worst) homemade concoctions simplified for the working folk, without the mile long ingredients list. modest.cupboard leers from fancypants ingredients and embraces what we all really want – wholesome, simple, & delectable meals for everyone under the roof (+ applicable pooch and poochitas). i guess this is my chance to claim the fame of a sixteen year career in cooking, starting as a sous chef mommy helper for a few household ‘staples’, i.e. mac & cheese… or i could just tell you i picked this unruly habit up on a rainy morning in Seattle. [the latter].

the goal: self-serving satisfaction of rants & raves to someone [no one] about food trials. to embrace the cold hard truth – good cookin’ ain’t so hard after all.

the humble chef, bush league photographer, and reluctant dishwasher.

the lifestyle cook (second to my day job, laundry patrol, dog walking duties, amongst other ad-hoc life ‘assignments’). specializing in wholesome, atypical comfort food for the everyday ingesting human.

her top-tier picks: Hendrick’s + tonic (served proper, + cucumber), glass of Malbec, SPUR gastropub’s thirst quenching Pimm’s cocktail… alongside beet&chevre salad, sweet pea leek soup, braised short ribs all topped with a homemade slice of cookie pie [and the occasional bloody mary +9hrs].

the critic[s].

A Shiba Inu who firmly believes the world exists within a 6′ radius of his presence. well, admittedly there is some outside world, but it’s rather pitiful. meet Jet-Li.

The Shiba’s master, dog walker, and “person” meet Franklin.

questions the site has yet to answer?
Jet-Li (“Jeti”)
Franklin (“Master”)

One response to “about.blog

  1. your food posts look so delicious! and Jeti + Kona are two very beautiful dogs.

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