chicken sausage penne

she’s easy. the dish, that is. this quick meal is for that endless monday [or i should say, THIS endless monday]. i keep the kitchen stocked with the basics for days like today. variety pack of garofalo pasta, lucini marinara, spinach bin, and an assortment of frozen meats – all of which i can find at the local costco.

we had a few friends over for a relaxing sunday dinner last night. what i thought would be a great way to kick off the week, but in fact resulted in an a.m. headache most likely caused by one too many glasses of ‘fun’. the dogs go haywire over guests. it’s like, ‘they must have all come to see me!’… thus when the people are not so enthused with my energy, i must not be jumping high enough. speculating this outcome, i picked up some smoked & dried deer hoofers.

 i ignorantly neglected their presence as they chomped down on the new fab treats. until someone kindly said, ‘those dog bones seem to be staining your rug’. my fairly new, [formerly] off-white wool pebble rug. that’s probably what caused the a.m. headache, right? yes, certainly the wine’s dog’s fault.


after getting to the office half an hour behind schedule, forgetting a freshly made latte on the console at home, and neglecting to transfer my wallet from my other bag, i was ready for clock to say something [anything] other than 9am. needless to say, EASY was the way to go.  and i’m happy to report, easy was mouthwatering.

the critics generally agree – scrumptious meal bits near oven – though they are quite dissatisfied with the destiny for their deer hooves.


chicken sausage penne pasta 

2 c penne

1/2 yellow onion

1 1/2 c marinara

1/2 c half & half or heavy cream

2 links of precooked sausage

1/2 c parmesan

1 basil leaf

 boil 4 c water with a dash of salt. add penne and cook for 11 minutes. saute thinly sliced sausage links over medium heat with 1/2 c of chopped onions. stir in marinara. grate your parmesan coarsely. add cream to your marina and reduce heat to medium-low. continue simmering until the pasta is done cooking. strain the pasta and return to pan. add marinara sauce to your pasta and gently fold in your cheese. serve immediately & enjoy. serves 3-4.


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